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Car Hire Excess Insurance

When hiring a car at home or on holiday, you will know that insurance comes as standard. But did you know that you may not have the full protection you need. Yes, you will be covered if the car gets damaged or stolen, so you will only have to pay the excess. But amazingly there will be some parts of the car that may not be covered, such as a windscreen, roof, tyres or the under carriage, if damaged.

Excess on these policies can be high and vary. But typically you can expect these charges to be between £500 and £1,500. By taking out our car hire excess insurance, you will cover the excess charges and have added protection should anything happen.

You will be covered up to £7,500 for a single event or up to £7,500 for a series of events involving fire, theft, vandalism, physical damage including windscreen, roof, tyres and the under carriage; and towing costs relating to this loss or damage. Our insurance also provides cover if you are locked out of the car, require replacement keys or fill up with the wrong fuel.

What does our Car Hire Excess Insurance cover?

  • Up to £7,500 for any single trip incident
  • Up to £7,500 for a series of incidents during any single car rental agreements
  • Up to £500 for replacing a lost or stolen key
  • Up to £500 for putting the wrong type of fuel into your hire car.
  • Up to £100 of the cost to open a vehicle by a locksmith.

Our car hire excess insurance is underwritten by Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group JSC and ZAD Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group and managed by Linkham Services Limited.